About Gregor Engler


Accredited Building Designer of Australia. Accreditation No: 6027.

Chartered Member of the Building Designers of Australia. Membership No: 0253-94.

Since ever Gregor was a child he drew and built things.

Gregor boasts that he never has missed a day of school since 6th class, 1979 all the way to year 12 in high school at Waverley College in 1985.

From 1980 to 1983 at Christian Brothers Bondi Beach, Gregor topped Technical drawing and woodwork continuously.

From 1984 to 1985 at Waverley College Gregor also got the highest mark “Industrial  Design technology”.

In 1986 Gregor started designing and Drafting homes for close friends and clients.

In addition has never missed a day at TAFE, successfully completing 4 Tafe Courses with distinction.

Gregor topped the Architectural Drafting & Design course at Ultimo Tafe Sydney in the mid 1980’s

Gregor also topped the Associate Diploma of Science (Building) Course at Miller Tafe in the early 1990’s. Gregor got the highest mark at Miller Tafe and the 3rd highest in the final exam in NSW. Gregor also proudly has a Builders Licence.

Gregor has predominately worked in Residential Building Design as well as in construction.

Gregor is very reliable, efficient, knowledgeable, full of experience and having a German born passion for his work and designs.