Alterations & Additions


These days with the cost of real estate rising, legal fees, stamp duty etc more clients and home owners are saving moving costs by staying in existing homes. Alterations and Additions are a fast growing trend.

Due to Silver-fern Design’s extensive knowledge in design and construction methods, an economical and smart result will be offered for our clients. Adding another level above your home will provide additional space to your house, without losing yard space. Individual designs to every home will allow for all needs of the client.

Adding also allows you to increase room sizes and also provide additional rooms for a growing family. Alterations and modifications are also very common. For example, a forty year old red brick house can be transformed into a double storey rendered and painted modern home. The end result will be as if a new home was built on the site. By using the existing house structure in most cases will result in an economical transformation.

These days with land being scarce in the Sydney basin it is quite common for older suburbs to re-generate into reconditioned homes and streetscapes. In some cases however it may be more economical to “knock down” the old house and design and build a new home.

Silver-fern Design can access all individual cases and offer an expert opinion.


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